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20th July 2021






This certificate was presented to Frederick Parkes and dated 1888


Does anyone have any information about the Steeward Street Adult School?



4th February 2021

Memories of



Harvest festival











Photograph courtesy of Peter Mardon


6th May 2020

Memories of Mrs. Lee Speedy (nee Brierley)


Two photographs of Steward Street Infants' School May Festival 1933

Can anyone add names to the two phtographs?





Many thanks to Lee for sending these in for the website



10th November 2015

Memories of Stan









I am second row from the bottom second one in from the left.


14th February 2014

Memories of John Day

I entered the school down Stour Street and through Springhill Passage gate, I can remember my first day we moved into Stour Street in 1956, Mr Shepherd warmly introduced me to the class as the new boy, the following year Mrs Jones was our teacher, the sports and form teacher was Mr Ward who later taught at Icknield Street.


John Loker or Looker and I were friends and were both good at drawing and painting, John was the better artist and we painted a mural of an underwater sea scape over the wash hand basins on the first floor cloak room, Mr Shepherds class painted a much more macho mural of a Scotland v Wales ruby match on another wall along the corridor.


Later I befriended Michael or Micky Hanlon he called me Dayo and his brother Colin who I played football against 14 years later, I believe they both lived in Coleshill at the time. I played marbles in the playground every day, calling out shots at one three if you hit them and when I had collected a large tin full I would save few and scattered the rest across the playground calling out loudly SCRAMBLES, I loved it when everyone ran about to pick up as many as possible, I soon won them back again and SCRAMBLES would start again.


The bus would collect those going to Selwyn Road playing fields at the back of Edgbaston reservoir, on one occasion the driver didn't know his way back to the school and young girl went up to the front told him she know the way back, she took him the long way round taking some time to back may be 30 minutes late we all got off with a broad smile. I left Steward Street in 1959/9 and went to Icknield Street School until 1964. I left on the Friday and started work the following Monday [no rest for the wicked] at Whitehouse and Sons in Waterworks Road, Edgbaston painting, told you I was good at painting.



25th November 2013

Memories of Barbara Hill


I have just been looking at the schools pages, I used to go to Steward Street School from approx 1947-1950 and I seem to remember the school was in the papers around that time, it was called the ''do as you please school".


The headmaster at the time was Mr Scott.


I wonder if anyone can remember this.


Barbara Hill  



3rd December 2012


Steward Street Adult School, Jubilee 1938



29th October 2012

Steward Street School, 1945

Harry Swain is 3rd from the left, top row


19th October 2012

Hi Mac I would like to send my thanks’ to David Jones for putting Stewart St school class photo of his mother Ivy nee Taylor. My mother was also on the photo and it was lovely to see her as a little girl (third girl second row on the right who was wearing glasses) she is often telling the family how she had court measles at the age five that left her cross eyed glad to say Birmingham children hospital corrected and she never wore glass again. I ask mum if she remembered Ivy sorry to say she could not remember her or any of the other children.


Linda Driscoll

Steward Street School, 1938



I enclose 2 photos from 1938 of my parents at Steward Street School, image 1 has my late father Dennis William Jones born 1930 and he is sitting on the bottom row 2nd from the right.

Image 2 contains my mother Ivy Jones ne Taylor, born 1932, she is 2nd row down from the top 2nd from the left.

They lived next door to each other as children, my late mother's address was 3 back of 22 Stour Street. They Married at St Johns Church in 1955 (see Ladywood Weddings)

David Jones


14th March 2009

Memories of Stanley Humphreys by Stanley Humphreys Jnr.

School Leaving Certificate as it shows he left Steward Street in July 1939, 5 weeks before the war started

He landed on Juno beach on June 6 1944


Memories of Barbara Hill

I have just been looking at the schools pages, I used to go to Steward Street School from approx 1947-1950 and I seem to remember the school was in the papers around that time, it was called the ''do as you please school".


The headmaster at the time was Mr. Scott.


I wonder if anyone can remember this.


Steward Street School 1922

William and Arthur Hands are on the photograph, but the exact position is unknown

Photograph courtesy of Mrs. P. Kent


Photograph courtesy of Mrs. P. Kent

Demonstration Gymnasium Class 1935

1935, Headspring movements


1935, Photograph arranged by Birmingham Education Committee for Demonstration purposes.

Performers name, George Crisp

Used as an illustration at a PE Conference in Oxford

1935, Stages of “Wrestlers Bridge” exercise to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles



School Staff, October 1929

Mr. Abel’s first year in Birmingham straight from Chelsea Training College, London

Form 3a – July 1937 at Handsworth Wood Playing Fields

Football team 1933-34. Birmingham Cup Winners;

West District Cup Winners

Mr. Goer Head teacher and Mr. Church, Deputy Head teacher

Final team before leaving for Station Road, 1936

Senior Boys School Staff, 1935

Class III, Steward Street Boys School, 1930

Mr. Landon, boy on the end of the photograph to the right,

3rd from front sitting down


Steward Street School

Steward Street School, courtesy of Jennie Billings, her family named Wakeling, kept a greengrocery shop on the Brookfields side of Spring Hill up to 1970, but went to school across the road into Ladywood.

The photo shows Jennies mother sitting next to the lady teacher

If it of any interest the Headmaster, in the photograph was Mr Goodyear, and the teacher who mom (Joan Wakeling) was sitting next to was Miss Lode; other names of some of the pupils in the photo are:  Alfie Freer, Dennis Rathbone, Dennis Williams, Danny Brookes, Peggy West, Doreen Griffin, Lilly Shattock, Joan Walker (next to the headmaster), Betty Williams, Ollive Tye, Gordon Wilkes, the Plant twins and their brother Jimmy. 

Acting in the school, 1948

Steward Street School taken in 1948

Modelling with clay, but who is the young boy?

Photograph taken in 1948

Painting and drawing in the classroom, 1948

Steward Street School, 2003

May Festival, 1932

Eveline Barnett is on the left of the 3 girls at the back

Photograph courtesy of Eveline Ridgway

Photograph courtesy of Eveline Ridgway

Steward Street, 1924