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25th April 2018




Can anyone put names to the photograph?





Photograph courtesy of Maureen Hollingsworth



28th February 2017


ST. GEORGE'S, 1903



My grandmother Violet Fernyhough was the little girl in the dark dress at the centre of the front row.

As she was born in 1897 I would guess this photo was taken somewhere around 1903.



Photograph courtesy of Ian Bowdler



6th July 2014


ST. GEORGE'S, 1958



Left to Right


Back Row

George Hambolyn, Richard Baker, Yvonne Dainty, Jacqueline ....?, Michael Grainger, Susan Wilson, Andrew Bryce, Wendy Gereen, Andrew Scott, Unknown Girl, ..... Blake


Middle Row

Girl Unknown, Robert Millward, Peter Robbins, Girl Unknown, Brian Kearns, Sharon Ridout, Rupert ...?, Terence Hickinbottom


Front Row

Shirley ...? Eric ....?, Daniel Lighfoot, Pamela Shaw, Margaret Waldren, Keith Walker, Christopher Dudley, Barbara Stavro, Anne ....?



Isobel .....?




Caretaker's House - Mr. and Mrs. Clegg (son Christopher)


Can you help with the missing names?


Photograph and names courtesy of Peter Robbins



23rd March 2012

In 1948 the School entered the Birmingham Schools Drama Festival, but with a puppet show, not a play. It was called "St George and the Dragon". I am the large boy in the back row - does anyone recognise any of the others?


Back Row L-R ;-Colin Hanson; David Todd; ??; I think the Girl was Rita Woolaston; William McGarry.

Front Row L-R:- Francis Albini; Annette BeBe; ??.

Thanks to David Hudson for the names

David Todd


26th March 2011

I have just discovered your web page.


My maiden name was Davis and I lived at 1/33 Blythe Street until 4th July 1953, when my family were re-housed in Bartley Green, Birmingham.


I attended St. Georges School and have a school photograph dated 1949, when I would have been 5 years' of age.  I was in fact born on the 8th May 1944.  I recollect during the year of the Coronation that the whole school went to St. George's School for a special service and we were each given a bible.  I still have mine.





The boy on the back row, 2nd right, is Robert Sloan


3rd row, the girl 3rd left, is Pauline Davis


Front row, 2nd from right, is Margaret Hartland





I read with interest the item relating to the other photograph of 1949.  I remember Paula Pratt although I confess I cannot recall her features.  What was the name of the lady who gave the details?


I remember Mr. Pillinger as being a very nice man and I remember when Miss Hurdley got married.  I recall that she was blonde.






St. George's School, Class 5 taken in 1920


Here is a picture of me at St Georgeís School in Plough and Harrow Road, the date of it is 1949, when I would have been about 6 years old. I remember some of the faces such as the twins Jacqueline and Leonard Ferris, Paula Pratt, Stanley Davis, Margaret Caldwell, Judith Russell, Bonnie Brice and many more whom I cannot remember.



In the picture, I am 4th from the left on the second row up next to a girl I think was called Carol Whittaker. Should anyone remember me it would be great to hear from you.  


The Headmaster was Mr Pillinger and I remember quite a few of the teachers such as Miss Hurdley, Mr Fredericks and Mr Hilton.


I lived in Noel Road at the time with my brother Anthony Hill, who also went to the same school and then he went on to Osler Street.


The picture below is of my Dad, Norman Hill, at school aged about 14, the school was possibly Islington Senior School about 1929. I am trying to find someone who might have known him at that time as the family history about him is very sketchy. He lived with a family called Fanton at Albert Place, Tennant Street. There was a daughter called Annie who was older who possibly attended the same school. He is arrowed on the picture, so if anyone can help I would be most grateful.  Norman is front row, bottom right.



It is great seeing all the old pictures of Monument Road, as I remember going shopping at Hickmanís with my Mom, and then getting a cream cake from Robinsons, the bakers, across the road. You could spend a whole day shopping along Monument Road with all the different places along there.


There used to be a very small paper shop on Monument Road, the same side as the Church, can anyone remember the name of the man in there?


Marcia Hill


Here is the scan I found at St. Georges around 1933.  Donít have the girlís name, but my mother had written on the back, Den was page boy. Dennis was my brother and you have his picture among the school photos taken at St Georges.


Just as matter of interest Dennis was married over the road at the Oratory and I was in contact with them a few weeks ago to find out the date of his marriage. Dennis died in a accident and his 2 girls, who live in West Midlands, had asked me if I had any details etc. They were only very young and did not know Dennis at all.


Joe Brown


School Photograph around 1935, my brother, Dennis is 6th from left back row.

This picture would be at St. Georges school around 1935, but perhaps some one may be able to recognise some of the other kids and place a date.

Some houses can be seen in the background in Beaufort Road.

I think the lad 4th from left in the back row was surname Saul. His father was a doctor or similar with a practice on Hagley Road with his brass name plate  on the wall at the front and we used to stand and look at in awe as we went past.  

Seems like only yesterday


Here is the other picture, taken again around 1935, St Georges School, I am at the extreme right on the front row with the tie on of course.  Two other names, girls on the right front row, next to the boy with the long tie on are Marjorie Fry and Lavinia Higgins.



Joe Brown


Can anyone help with the names of the other children in either of the photographs?


St George's School, Class photograph 1947

I am 3rd from left on back row in the 1946 photo and 6th on left, back row, in the 1947 one.

There are only a few others I can remember

Many thanks to Derek Faulkner who brought this photograph to the History Fair


St George's School, Class photograph 1946

I am 3rd from left on back row in the 1946 photo and 6th on left, back row, in the 1947 one.

There are only a few others I can remember

Many thanks to Derek Faulkner who brought this photograph to the History Fair


Just discovered the web page on St. Georges School and fascinated. I attended 1945 to 1947 and have 2 photos date stamped for those years, but they are not the same as displayed (and on which I don't see myself) although recognise several pupils.


My biggest memory is of the 1947 snow, when on one day only 3 of us turned up and the snow was incredibly deep around by the Plough and Harrow. In those days we went by ourselves and I recall being dared to go in the back entrance of the Oratory to make the priest shout at us to go away.


Roy Radbourne was a good friend and I wonder if he is still in the area. Of the girls, Betty Bryant and Janet Riley were always laughing. There was also a boy called Dawson who always seem to get into scrapes and fights.

Tough times, but some fond memories.

Derek Faulkner (still in Brum).

Plough and Harrow

The lollipop man was my granddad Ernest Tomkins, never missed a day on the lollipop. The lad centre is Gordon Richardson.


Susan Hayward, Steve's brother, lived in Parker Street, to her right Gordan's sister, ? tall girl left, Leslie Hall, above her, Brian Deakin and the good looking lad pointing at the camera, me Steve Triplett, 36 Bellis Street, granddad got another job at Whitehouse's, the paint place, cleaning up, fell down the stairs an died.


He lived at 53 Carlyle Road with nan Elsie. I recognise the others but canít put a name there.


All the best Steve

We attended St Georges School and well remember Mr. Pillinger, the headmaster. I also remember Mr. Fredrick and being a very naughty boy in his class. Miss Hobbs the trainee teacher who used to take us to the teacher training college.


Happy days, I am unsure of the date of this photo and can only recall a few names. Geoffrey Parkes, Michael Hickinbottom, Jonathon Green and I believe, a Carol Williams; her mother kept a greengrocers near the junction of Ladywood Road and Monument Road (I think)


The Dunn Family


Photograph courtesy of Sue Brown

Back row - Raymond Price, Erice Dyson, ????      ????     ????  George Brown, Roy Radbourne, John McClacklan, David Anisworth,

????      ????    David Hart, David Ealing, Mr. Harry Hilton


Middle row - Norman Shaw,   ????   Linda Moss,   ????     Zila Ogg,   Ann Houghton,  Janet Riley,    ????      Hazel Finch, ????      ????      ????


Bottom row - Ann Meredith, Gwen West,   ????   Pat Hickin, Judith Morris,    ????    ????    ????   Alice Hodgets,   ????    ????


Photograph courtesy of Sue Brown

Back row - Brian Dakin, Susan Brown, Kevin Jones, William ??, Neil ??, David Brown,  Leslie Hall, Jacqueline Blakemore

Middle row - Barry ??, Annette Fullard, Elizabeth ??,  Keith Walker, Eric ??, Doreen Powell, Christine Williams,  ????    Stuart Mee

Bottom row - ????     Keith Young, Peter Brown,  ????    Diane Williams, Gloria Haywood, Ophelia Germaine, Jean ???? 


St. Georges taken in 2000

St. George's Junior and Infants School, 1968

St. George's School, 1966

Headteacher Mr. Pillinger and on the far right is Mr. Hilton

Photograph courtesy of June Clark

St. George's School, 1946


I went to St Georges from 1955 to 1962, this is a photograph of

Mr Pillinger giving a leaving present to Mr Tomkinson? the lollipop man,

I think he may have been retiring


Anybody out there recognise themselves?


Photograph courtesy of Jackie

St. George's in 1947

St. George's in 1946

Photograph taken sometime during 1950's

St. George's sometime in the 1920's