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8th February 2018

Memories of Carole Hart

My name is Carole Hart - now Carole Thacker


I went to St Johns Infant and Junior Schools in the 50s; then went to Osler Street Girls School - left in July 1958


Born in Browning street Ladywood - in 1943; Lived in Ledsam Street; then in Blythe Street, then lastly in King Edwards Road, all Ladywood.


I'm trying to find a cousin of mine her name was back then Pattie Davis, her mom was my dadís sister Annie.


My Dad was Jack Hart and my Mom was Betty Hart.


My Aunt Annie lived in a little cottage off Broad Street, St. Martinís, Ladywood.


I remember my dad use to take me to my aunt Annieís. There was I think, 2 Brothers no there was one called Frank.


As I wasn't very old don't remember too much but of late have been thinking of my cousin in the hope she may have some pictures to share with me of our Family.


Would love to hear from her, she would now be in her 70s as I am now coming up to 75 this August.


Would be nice also if any one remembers me from any of the schools Iíve mentioned.




28th February 2017

Memories of Leigh Taylor


My mom gave me these the other day.

This was St John's school. She lived on Friston Street.

Her name was Maureen Smith.




Memories of Brian Davies - in response to Leigh Taylor

In response to Leigh Taylor's photo ... the attached was also taken at St John's C of E School. I am at the table second from the left.


I will be 77 in August, so might have been one year behind your mother.


I remember Pauline Glaze, Pauline Thompson and a Gloria Ingleside in the class and I have lived in the USA for 53 years.




Memories of Dave Newby


Hi I went to Ladywood Primary School which changed to St Johns in the 70's. My mum worked in the kitchens making lunches for many years (Arlene Newby) My name is David Newby. I was born in 1964 so anyone else can work out roughly when we were all there. Iíll try to list what I can recall but after a serious long illness my memory comes and goes!


One thing I really recall was our school was chosen and a few students went on TV on the show The Golden Shot... Bernie the bolt, remember... big deal at the time


I know we had two head teachers whilst there,

1) Mr Peacock - Mad on Cricket!              2) Miss Smethurst

Other teachers I recall,

Mr Halverson

Miss Whittle

Miss Brown

In the kitchen with my mum Mrs Wade was in Charge then Barbara Burton?? Other workers Silvia Rhodes whose son was Peter, Silvia Powers, daughter Michelle,


Any names of other students I recall,

Paul Brown

Peter Mullen

Brian Leech & younger brother

John Slammon

Sue Buckley

Debbie & brother Anthony I think!?

Sharon Freeman

Karen Clinton

Karen Graham

Sharon Garbett

Colin (older brother Nigel)

Steve Logan

Andrew ? Sister Catrina

John Buckley ( moved to Brum from London)


Anyone recognise yourself? Ring a bell? I would love to catch up and see where we all are? I have lived in three countries for a start.


If this can be put up on the website I feel sure some of the names will jog memories and fingers crossed we can make contact.




22nd February 2016


View in 1993


View in 1993


View from Morville Street, 2016

Copyright Mac Joseph

View in 1993



16th February 2016


I believe there was a programme in the 40ís whereby Children from the war damaged areas of Birmingham were taken to France by train and boat to stay with French families who wanted to show their appreciation towards the British for their part in liberating France.


The children in this photograph, which I think is about 1948, are all from Ladywood or nearby and were the main pupils at St. Johnís Primary School. They went for a month to Lille in Northern France and received a great welcome from the French families.


The one really big attraction for all the children when they got to France was to find a country in which there was no rationing. Sweets galore without coupons!


 I am afraid I donít have the names of the children.


 Has anyone else heard of this programme or do you know anyone in this photograph?




28th January 2016

These were taken in 1974 after winning Birmingham Schools Cup. Taken in the garden of the bottom school. I lived in Blakemere House and can see my old home in the picture of the doctors surgery in Morville St picture, balcony at doctors roof level, no 30. Miss Smethurst was headmistress, I saw her in about 1987, in retirement, North Wales, my mom worked in the school kitchen.



Photographs courtesy of Andy Price



1st April 2015

This photo is of my mum Joyce Harriett Cox of 2 the back of 123 Great Tindal Street.



It was taken in 1933 at St John's Infantís School and mum is the second child on the right, second row up.


The copy was given to me by Myra Curley, who still lives in Ladywood. Myra is the fourth child from the teacher on the back row.


Photograph courtesy of Sandra Evans



10th September 2012

I have today found your fantastic website and you have also solved a 50 year old mystery!


I have always wondered about (and tried to find) one of my primary school teachers from St. John's Primary School in Ladywood, Pat Charles.  I loved her so much and she had a tremendous impact on the person I grew up to be.


I was amazed and so happy to see her post on your website - I am the Sandra Goode she mentions.


They say that your school days are the happiest of your life and my primary school years certainly were mostly down to Pat and Miss Smethurst, the Headteacher.


I would so love to get in touch with Pat to say thank you to her for being instrumental in a wonderful childhood for me.


Sandra Peters



9th July 2012


I've just happened on your site and discovered a photograph of a group of children I once taught at the old St. John's.

I first met them at the third year infant stage when I was Miss Matthews. I met my husband, Peter Charles who taught in the Junior School. We were married at the church by The Rev. Norman Power ( who wrote a column in the. Evening Mail) our head teacher was Miss Vernon who had spent her entire career there - followed by Miss Smethurst.

I know that Peter Allington is the taller boy with spectacles. I remember Derek Scott & had actually typed in Eric & Paul's names (which led me to your site) - my husband & I were reminiscing - now 77 & 75 respectively; maybe why I can't identify all the others. The teacher was Mr Eddie Davies.

Other names from that year included Gary Beighton, Christopher Vale, Robert Powell, Sandra Goode, Christine Hollis, Margaret Pell.

As a class they all took part in the choral speech section of the Birmingham Drama Festival (organised by Peter Slade) and amazed everyone with their delivery of Matilda by Hilaire Belloc & Someone by Walter De La Mare.

For information the class comprised 47 pupils!

Best wishes,

Pat Charles


11th June 2010

St. John's School, Class 5, circa 1930


These photographs were taken at St. John's, Christmas 1985


Kindly sent by Derek Faulkner


I thought these would be of interest to you.


The club as held once a week at St. Johns School, I think it was known as the annex and we had to go up an outside iron staircase to the room where it was held. We used to play games etc and I think it cost a penny or two pence and you got a biscuit and a cup of orange squash.


I can remember we did an Xmas play in the church and I had to sing a verse of In the Bleak Midwinter. I was terrified so I never let on to my parents that they could of come to watch me perform, told them it was only for the children!


Best Wishes


Margaret Dickinson (nee Edgington)


I have attached a sample of a slightly enhanced (??) version. It's not up to standard and a proper professional version would be far superior.


The photo is typical of that era, in that the original is glued to thick card and has no mention on front or back of the card as to photographers studio or company name.


In this photo we are lucky in one respect, that we know the exact date. Unfortunately, we do not know the occasion, although a clue would be what ever is written on the boy in the front row's certificate he is holding up. No amount of enhancement will ever enable us to read it though.


I believe two of the boys in the photo may well be my granduncles, William Siviter Fielding b.1870 and Clarence James Fielding b.1871.


Their other brother, my grandfather, Howard Henry, was not born till 1879 which totally rules him out from the photo !!


My sister, who lives near Birmingham has tried to research the photo herself from old records, but has not come up with much additional info so far. 


If you can let me have your thoughts on posting the photo on the website, or if you know anyone who can research the photo better first, please let me know.




Anthony (Howard) Fielding


This lovely certificate was presented to Sydney A. Norton, 1922

for "plunging" into the water and swimming 10 lengths

Certificate courtesy of Mac Norton

I was born in St. Mary Street and I thought this photo may be of interest. It was taken in St. Johns School playground after a party celebrating the coronation. The children were from St. Mary Street and the surrounding roads.


I am in the front line second from the right dressed in the Union Jack.


My maiden name was Margaret Edgington. Others in the photo were the Oakley family, the Horrocks, Masie Harris and Pauline Don to name just a few.


Maybe your surfers will recognise themselves.



Margaret Dickinson  


I have attached a photo of me (Shirley) Yvonne, Penny & Linda - order left to right

Photo courtesy of Shirley Dwyer


This is a photograph sent by Shirley Dwyer showing the performance of

Midsummer's Night Dream

This is a photograph sent by Shirley Dwyer showing the performance of

Midsummer's Night Dream

St. John's School

St. John's Girls School 1962-63

The blonde girl in the back row (tall hair) 4th from the left is Linda Dwyer and in the front row 2nd from the left holding the sign with dark hair is Penny Dwyer.  The teacher is Miss. Vaughan

Information courtesy of Shirley Dwyer

Photograph courtesy of Paul Gebhard

St. John's School

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

St. John's School

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

St. John's School, 1950

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge


Front row: Joan Wordswood, Jean Waterhouse, Shirley March, Dorothy Holliday, Barbara ?????, Pauline Turner, Olive Delaney


2nd Row: Frank Pumphrey, Tony Tombs, Harold Johnson, Barry Hughes, Alan ?????, Thelma Porter, Diane Francis, Maureen Smith, Janet Walker


3rd Row: Tony Lamb, David ????, Keith Bolton, Roy Brookes, Pat Glaze, Barbara Lines, Sylvia Price, Christine Jones, Pat Howard, Pat Jackson, Sally ????, Brenda Leonard


St. John's School Play

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

St. John's School Play

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

St. John's School Play

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

St. John's School

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

I would love to (a) fill in the missing names and (b) find out what they are up to. Perhaps one of your visitors to the site will spot someone that they know.  

Just seen the updates on schools. I am second from left front row holding the bat. Behind me is Derek Scott who was my oldest friend. We both lived in Shakespeare Road. until it was demolished. We both went on to Follett Osler like many others from St. Johns. Sadly Derek passed away in 2003. Although I recognise some of the others in the photo (Mouzerís christian name is Eric) Iím afraid time has clouded my memory.

Hope this is of help to you. 

Many thanks again for a remarkable site. 

Colin Mytton


Back Row:-


Eric Mouzer, Ranjit Singh, Derek Scott, Allington, (?), (?).


Front Row:-


(?), Colin Mytton, (?), (?), Gebhard, Coates, Mr. Davies


Regards, Paul Gebhard

St. John's School, 1946

St. John's School, 1947


St. Johnís School, 1950

Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge


Front row Left to Right - Joan Woodward, Jean Waterhouse, Shirley March, Dorothy Holloway, Barbara Cain, Pauline Turner, Olive Delaney

Second row - Frank Pumphery, Tony Tombs, Harold Johnson, Barry Hughes, Alan Spooner, Thelma Porter, Diane Francis, Maureen Smith, Janet Walker

Third row - Tony Lamb, Barry ????, Keith Bolton, Ray Brookes, Pat Glaze, Barbara Lines, Sylvia Price, Christine Jones, Pat Howard, Pat Jackson, Sally Deckyer, Brenda Leonard