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4th July 2017




Gainsborough Place, 1968


16th January 2017

Memories of Christopher Kilroy

I attach a photo of a map of St Marks Street about 1958.


My family lived at 5 Back of 107, I can’t work out where that would be.


I can see 107, which unlike the numbers a bit further down does not have another property attached back to back.


Up the yard there are properties numbered either 1 to 8 to 7 whichever way the numbers run, but they appear to be ‘Regent Place’.


Are the properties in ‘Regent Place’ numbers 1-7/8 back of 107 St Marks Street?


My family only lived there for a few years up until about 1952.


My father was Thomas Kilroy and my mother was Mary Kilroy, who knows with a slightly unusual name someone might remember them.


The family next door at number 6 were Thomas and Patricia Welch and on the other side at number 4 George and Florence Brown.




21st December 2015

Memories of Tony Pearsall


I was wondering if anyone knows of these two Ladywood girls 1960ish from St Marks Street and Anderton Street


21st August 2015

Memories of Sidney Faulkner

I used to live in St Marks Street at number 14/111 a yard with 15 houses, this was back in the 1940s, we had three entries at the back and at the front, four air raid shelters, with one lamp in the middle of the yard.


At the back was the outside loos which was shared by everyone, except us we paid an extra payment on our rent, 14/6d a week and can almost remember most of the people who used to live in the yard, considering I am now 77yrs young I think that is pretty good.


I have a friend that I have just visited in May this year and swap stories of how we used to live; I also remember the Scout troop I was in, in Freeth Street.  You have in your photographic memories, but was not named as I did not even know of the website or the pictures existence until now.


I do recall going to Taly-Bont in Wales to camp in a field and it rained for the whole two weeks we were there.


I would love to see some feedback from the people who lived in St. Marks Street, they are Harry Bakewell, George Bakewell, George Gardener, Leonard Gardener, Garry Mellor, Derek Withers


I could sit here all day to reminisce about the good and the bad times of my growing up just in after the war in Ladywood. I will sit down and have a good chat about it.


I have now kept your website so as to browse through it at my leisure, my most grateful thanks Mac.


Kind regards

Syd Faulkner

Queensland Australia


11th February 2013

Memories of Tony Pearsall - photographs are copyright


Bulpitt's boys at the Vittoria Restaurant Dance around 1960

Tony Pearsall with friend back of 74 St. Mark's Street, 1960's

Friends in St. Mark's Street, the Fantasia Coffee Bar is in the background

Friends in St. Mark's Street


All the photographs below are from St. Mark's Street, near to the Launderette

Many thanks to Tony (Cotton) Pearsall for all these photographs

Copyright on all these photographs



15th December 2012

Milk Delivery, St Marks Street, Ladywood

Photograph courtesy Carol Hunter

Copyright on this photographs


1st July 2012

Memories of Alan Dugmore - photographs are copyright

Albert & Gwen Dugmore with Alan & Chris

St Marks Street, Coronation 1953


St Marks Street, Coronation 1953

Marleen Pike and Alan Dugmore

Christine, Maureen, Glenis & Micheal Dugmore, Marleen, Glenda and Mavis Pike

At the races St Marks Street, Coronation 1953

At the races St Marks Street, Coronation 1953

Photographs copyright and courtesy of Alan Dugmore


6th April 2012


Memories of Patrick - photographs is copyright

Just came across this photo of me and my brother taken outside 5/120 St. Mark’s Street, around 1965.


In the photo you can see a saucepan on the window sill, it has jelly in it, my mother used to put it there to let the jelly set.


  The scooter was a Lambretta Li125


Our names are Patrick and John Garland.


Regards Patrick (Paddy)




6 back 10 St. Mark's Street

6 back 10 St. Mark's Street

6 back 10 St. Mark's Street

64-72 St. Marks Street, 1967

R. J. Lee, 1958

55 St. Mark's Street, 1967