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21st June 2020

Memories of Mac Joseph


This is one of my relations who lived at 11 St. Martin's Street


21st June 2020


12th June 2019

Many thanks to Mike Kinson for sending this magazine


I found this church magazine amongst my Mom’s stuff, she is 99 and grew up just off Islington Row. Her granddad is the W R Lowe shown as a president in 1915 on the inside front cover. He had some dry-cleaning shops in the area.


There is mention of my other great granddad W H Busby, who was a lay preacher at the Church and a tailor at St. Vincent Street, his daughter married W R Lowes son.


He retired to Bewdley in his 40’s, must have been a good tailor!!!!






17th June 2018

5 February 1963

Corner of Tennant Street, 1958

Corner of Bath Row, 1961

29 August 1961


7th December 2016

The winter of 1963 in St. Martin's Street



10th November 2015

Memories of John Eggington

I lived in St. Martins Street in 1956.


My parents had a shop A and DJ Egginton and Son.


Happy days


5th October 2015



25th March 2014

St. Martin Street looking towards Broad Street, 1964

Court 10, 1967

Barratt's van, 1963

Corner of William Street, 1967



29th November 2013

Photographs courtesy of Stuart Mccleary - all photographs are copyright

Boy on the left is Robert Mccleary, in the pram is Stuart Mccleary

and the girl in front is Doris Mccleary.

The girl at the back is unknown.

On the left is Malcolm Mccleary, in the middle is Stuart Mccleary

and on the right is Moira Mccleary


In the pram is Stuart Mccleary and the girl is Doris Mccleary

Man with no shirt is Robert (Jock) Mccleary and he is holding Stuart Mccleary. The man on the right is unknown and he is holding Malcolm Mccleary and the girl is Moira Mccleary.

In the bath, Stuart Mccleary, the man is my father Robert (Jock) Mccleary

and on the floor Malcolm Mccleary


On the left is Stuart Mccleary and on the right, his brother Malcolm