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12th June 2019

Memories of Phil Mason

I saw post from Sheila Cottom about where we lived at 2/10 Stoke Street. I lived in that house from when I was born 1946 till 1960 with Arthur and Agnes, brother Roy, Keith, Alan, sister Anita; the Ling family lived top of yard; granny Mason lived with aunt Polly in shop next to number 10.


The Prandell family lived next to Daleys, builders; Smith family lived top of Stoke Street; I knew John and Harry aunt Elsie.


 Dads brother lived in Granville Street his name was John Mason (jack) I believe we are related. I could go on and on about our family's in Stoke Street



6th May 2019

Memories of Sheila Cottom

I lived at 5 /10 Stoke Street from 1949 until about 1956.  My father was Henry Cottom.  My Nan owned the grocery shop and I used to help out serving customers.  I remember the McFalls, they were a big family and used to buy lots of groceries.  I also remember the Smiths and Pringles.


I do not remember anyone called Phil who says he lived at 2/10.  My Nan ran the grocery shop by herself, 11 Stoke Street, before her husband died, I think it was a Haberdashery shop.


She had four children, Freddy who was killed in the war, Henry, John and Elsie.  Most people in the street were related as far as I can remember.  I also had two aunts who lived there, Priscilla Palmer and Maggie Curly.


I went to St Thomas school until I was about 9 years old.



11th March 2017

Memories of Diane O'Keeffe

I lived at 31 Stoke Street until I was – Diane Eadon brothers and sisters, Tony, Yvonne, Barry and Graham.  Friends were The Mcfalls, Prestons, Regans, Joyce Meredith.


Is Dave one of the Storie brothers?


Also remember old Mrs Taylor, Lynch’s, Devany;s Mrs Cottom’s shop, Ash’s.


I also went to Piggot Street School and loved Mr Shirley who actually found me my first job. Anyone in Mr Shirley’s class 1962 –1964?



12th October 2016

Memories of Phil

I lived in Stoke Street from 1946 to 1960, 2/10 opposite Daley’s yard. My gran and aunt owned Cottam’s shop.


All my dad’s family lived in Stoke Street they were the Prandell’s, the Smith’s, Cottams plus loads of others. I had some happy memories there but mom and dad where glad to move into a new house - 6 of us lived in 3 roomed back to back -  1 bedroom 1 attic.


Eddie Mckernan was my best mate.



22nd September 2016

Stoke Street


10th September 2015

I used to live in Stoke Street from around 1953 to around 1961.  I started school in 1956 attending Piggott Street School.  I have seen some of the photographs and stories on your site and find it totally fascinating.


I would love to hear from people who lived in Stoke Street or went to Piggott Street School.


 I no longer live in the West Midlands and now live in the North East.





RESPONSE - 18th October 2015


Hi Dave, I lived in Stoke Street from 1942 to 1959 also went to Piggott Street school. I'm a bit older than yourself. I lived at 33 Stoke Street up the top of the big opening facing Cottoms shop my name was Winnie Taylor, my gran also lived in Stoke Street. She was the first house in Stoke Street as you came off Tennant Street no 18 the other side of the entry to the outdoor she was Mrs Rowles. I was born in Tennant Street  and moved into Stoke Street after we were bombed out we lived then opposite Wards Slaughter house use to watch the pigs being delivered.




5th August 2006

22-32 Stoke Street, 1967

Stoke Street, 1967

Stoke Street

Stoke Street, 1967

Stoke Street, 1967

Stoke Street, 1967