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8th August 2020


Memories of Patricia Twitty


Hi Mac...Enjoyed going back in time on your site. I am attempting to write my Memoirs & came across it searching info on the river which ran behind the houses in St Vincent Street.


I lived in St Vincent Street from 1956-1959 when I left home at 16yrs. I lived in the gable ended house I think it was no. 7 next door to Mrs. O'Neil who had two sons'. Olga who had a baby boy and an elderly couple who had a big ginger cat. He had something to do with Courtalds Factory. They all lived in our block.


I remember a family called King who lived in the house next to an entry into what i thought was called Thomas Street, they had a large family I used to talk to one of the little girls. I think her name was Christine I gave her my dolls house and big doll when I had finished with it.


I remember the chip shop as i used to get mam's roe from there & the faggots & peas on a Friday from the lady.


Mrs Glee & my mam Emma were friends used to work in the kitchen at the college I have a photo somewhere - I think this was Michaels mam who I liked when younger. I lived with my two brothers Bob and Brian who had a disability. My name is Pat our surname was Twitty.


After I left home some flats were built next to our house and the papers took a photograph of a group of boys to promote the flats one of the boys was Brian.



2nd April 2016

St. Vincent Street corner of Browning/Gt. Tindal Street

St. Vincent Street corner of Gt. Tindal Street, 1952

St. Vincent Street corner of Ladywood Road, 1964

St. Vincent Street


22nd February 2016


Frank Hairdressers in St. Vincent Street, 1999


Hickman's in St. Vincent Street, 1999


15th December 2012

Corner of St. Vincent Street and Gt. Tindal Street



Corner of St. Vincent Street and Gt. Tindal Street

(Is this the same building as the one opposite?)

St. Vincent Street corner of Johnstone Street, 1959

St. Vincent Street, 1960

134-137 St. Vincent Street, 1964

Fox-Bar Engineering, 34 St. Vincent Street


4th September 2008







New shops nearing completion about March 1965


198 St. Vincent Street - George Gupwell's third and final shop, just before moving in, about August 1965

These were the last two half-shops built by the Corporation for rent.

George Gupwell retired from business in 1975

St. Vincent Street, 1974

St. Vincent Street

The School

291-299 St. Vincent Street, 1964

St. Vincent Street

St. Vincent Street, 1999

St. Vincent Street, 1999

St. Vincent Street, 1999

St. Vincent Street, 1999