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16th April 2018

Memories of  Rashda Khan

Thank you for posting the old pictures of Ladywood.


 I am tracing my family tree and I was told that my grandfather had a shop on the Parade for many years 1940-1970 until the shops were demolished.


The shop is in the old photos of The Parade posted on this site, it was next door to Stockall’s children's clothes shop which is also in the photograph.


The shop is on the left and Stockall’s clothes shop is on the right of the photo, between both shops was an alleyway for the residential access to the back of the shop also right outside the Alleyway was a bus stop which still stands.




I wonder if anyone has any further memories of my granddad, he was an Asian gentleman Named Sahib dad Khan and he sold knitwear and wool.


I would love to hear any stories regards to the shops on the Parade and my granddad.


10th March 2017

26 The Parade, 1954


Service Station, the Parade 1972

The Parade, 1965

Bottom of The Parade, 1978


18th May 2008


Camden House, The Parade, 1966

The Parade, 1966

The Parade, 1950

The Parade, 1950


The Parade

The Parade, 1960