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17th October 2020

Can you put any names to any of these photographs?

Request from Greg Lamb

What a wonderful site you have built up! Very nostalgic for me to scan through the photographs and see these Brummies again.


I used to work in Edgbaston at the old college there (now Birmingham City University) and since we lived in Great Barr I used to drive across Broad Street, drive through Ladywood to Hockley, go up the Soho Road and turn right on to the Hamstead Road. One day as I drove home through Ladywood - the year would have 1971/72 - when demolition of that interesting area was underway, a little boy was playing football in the street on his own. I had a camera with me that day and so I stopped the car and jumped out to take a photograph of him playing. When he saw me he stopped playing, ran over to the old 'rag and bone man' barrow (did it have a special name?') and he sat on one of the shafts so I snapped an even more interesting photograph.




Photograph subject to copyright and cannot be used without permission


I intend to send this photograph to the Archives in Birmingham but it would be most helpful if I knew the name of the street - and even better - the name of the boy - but the chances of getting his name must be pretty slim. I have done a modest bit of research and it looks a bit like Parker Street - at any rate it was a through road from Broad Street - I was not 'off piste'!


Any help would be most appreciated. Feel free to use the photograph under YOUR terms and conditions, i.e. no use without permission.


Best wishes

Gregor Lamb


We are still huge fans of Brum!

P.S. I'm a native of Orkney believe it or not!!