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25th July 2021

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Can anyone help with this photograph?


Photograph courtesy of Linda Driscoll


My Grandmother tells me years ago. These people on the photo were Pawnbrokers, name of Walker, from Ladywood.


The small pageboy is of my uncle Roy.


The lady who he is standing by moved not long after to Weston-super-Mare. She took a shine to my uncle, and he spent many school holidays at her home at Weston.


The only name I can recall my nan mentioning was the name White, this appears to be a doctor, does anyone remember them.


Photograph courtesy of Linda Driscoll





Christ Church, 1963

This is the wedding of my Mum Jean Beet (nee Henderson) to our step Dad, Daniel Fournier at Christ Church on 5th October 1963


Me and my brothers, Brian & Robert are there


She became widowed after the death of my father in May 1961




Christ Church, 1951

The wedding of James Beet and Jean Henderson


Photograph courtesy of Alan Beet




The wedding of Frank Wolsey and Emily Sprat


St. John's Church, 1940's



Photograph courtesy of Patricia Wolsey Lloyd




The wedding of Joseph Glaze and Betty Williams


St. John's Church, June 1948


Mom & dad's wedding, Joseph Glaze & Betty William's, June 1948 at St John's, Ladywood




Photographs courtesy of Sally Glaze




The wedding of Henry and ?????


St. John's Church, 18th June 1938


Do you know this couple?






The wedding of Peter Realf and Anne Wlikes


St. Peter's Church, October 1946



Photographs courtesy of Veronica Howells



The wedding of Frederick Bell and Doris Round


St. John's Church, August 1940


The tall bridesmaid on the left of the photograph is Prudence Bell (my Mom),

who was 17 at the time.


Also in the photograph are Mom's parents, John and Elizabeth (Jack and Liz) Bell;

her two brothers, Jack and Charlie and her two sisters Margaret and Lillian

Aunty Doris was from Yorkshire and some of her family are also in the group photograph


Photographs courtesy of Albert Moulsdale


The wedding of Jane Garrattley and Dennis Vincent Hines


St. John's Church, 1944



This is a picture of my Nan & Granddads wedding in 1944

They lived at 93 Steward Street in 1950


Photograph courtesy of Kelly Hines





The wedding of Leonard Giblen and Jean Dent


14th July 1935

Maud James is the bridesmaid

To the left of the Bridegroom is his brother Tom and

to the right of the Bride is her bridesmaid, Maud James


These photographs were taken outside the Commercial Inn, Shakespeare Road


Photographs courtesy of Trevor Williams



The wedding of Albert Petford and Sheila Burgess




The wedding of Gerry Rigby and Christine Trueman



22nd August 1970 at St Johns Church



The wedding of Dennis William Jones and Ivy Taylor

St. John's Church, 1955



The wedding of Ivy Eaton and Fred Pountney

St. Mark's Church, 1935/36



The wedding of Harold Baker and Cissy Harris


Nelly Vernon


John Richard Baker

James Shaw

Gladys Shaw

John Richard Baker Snr

Harold Baker

Frank Baker



Amy Baker





Lawson Baker

Eliza Mary Baker

Iris Mary shaw

James Francis Shaw

Edna Baker








The wedding of Emma Price and Alfred Bates


St. Mark's Church, 1938



The wedding of John Field and Harriet McMahon


St. Peter's Church



The wedding of James Beet and Jean Henderson


Christ Church, Summerfield, 1951



The wedding of Eric Glover and Elizabeth Beet


St. John's Church, 1955



The wedding of Harry Gibbins and Nel Glazebrook




The wedding of Maud and Bert Busby



Louie, Lillian and Maud and Bert Busby




Photograph courtesy of Ted Brookfield



The wedding of Edith Venross and Matthew Henderson

Photographs courtesy of Alan Beet

The bride and groom were my maternal grandparents,

Edith Venross and Matthew Henderson.


They married in the mid 1920's and lived in Marroway Street.


I assume that the group photo was taken at their wedding.




The wedding of Frank Barnes and Violet Gregory




The wedding of Tom Bowdler and Hellen Francom


I hope I have got this right, in the back row from left to right are - Evline Francom, wife of next person Harry Francom, my mother Alice Gibbons, Robert (Joe) Bowdler.


Next row - Mother of Ivy?, Violet Bowdler, Tom Bowdler, Nellie Bowdler, Winnie Francom, Ivy Bowdler, Mr Francom


The two ladies sitting are on the left Mrs Bowdler and on the right Mrs Francom.


Robert was married to Ivy and it was at their wedding that Tom met my Aunty Nellie. My mother was the oldest of 5 sisters, and uncle Harry was the oldest of her 3 brothers. Mrs Francom was the daughter of a farmer, the Seal family and they lived on a farm in Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green.


Mr Francom was a farm worker. The farm was sold to make room for houses and the Lucas factory, but the farmhouse was still standing a few years ago, but it was a timber yard. On the sale of the farm my grandparents moved to Spring Road, Hall Green and my Grandfather worked for the railway at Spring Road Station. Violet Bowdler married Norman Hatwood (may not be correct spelling) he may have been from the Ladywood area, but I do know that. He spent most of his working life at the Birmingham Mint in Icknield Street. They had two children David and Irene. Robert Bowdler lived in Shireland Road near its junction with Cape Hill, they also had two children Robert and Irene. My uncle Tom always called his brother Joe, I think this may have been his second name.


I was told by my uncle they came from Leominster and that in search of a better life they plied their wordly goods on a hand cart and walked to Birmingham, sleeping rough. They were living in Clements Street at the time of the wedding. My uncle and his brother both worked for Birmingham City Transport, driving buses but sadly Robert died in his 50’s, but uncle Tom became an inspector and remained until he retired.



Hope you find this of interest, Harry Gibbons




The wedding of Lucy Diana Cleveley and John Tristram Ackling


Christchurch, Summerfield

August 1935



Couple to the left of the groom are Lucy's brother William and his future wife Hilda Shuttleworth


The old gentleman is Lucy's father, William, just behind is her brother Ron. Then comes mom Fanny Cleveley.

Next to her is Ron's wife Maud. Next to the Bride is the bridesmaid Agnes Keen bride's sister


The three children are left to right, Dorothy Keen, Roy Cleveley and Diana Keen



The wedding of Joseph Edward Soames and Joyce Harriet Cox


1st September, 1951

St. John's Church




The wedding of Robert Benjamin Milligan and Rose Lowe


15th April, 1933

St. John's Church

Gerald Austin Marshall on right of groom; Mary Elizabeth Milligan, formerly Sorrell, nee Marshall next to him;

Alice Eileen Milligan seated in between them both.

Brides relatives on her left, Raybone's and Lowe's



The wedding of Bill Evans and Joan Small

This is a photograph my Mom and Dad’s wedding, with myself and my Mom, Joan Evans, nee Small, all born in Daisy Road.



Beech Street Wedding - William Drew and Winifred Danton

Would it be possible for you to put a note next to the photo of my parents wedding, William Drew & Winifred Danton, on your website under Weddings.


I would very much like to get the original of this photo as I don't have many of my parents wedding. Would any one know who handed in this photo?


This photo was handed to Mac at a Local History Fair, can anyone help?


This photo is of my father William Drew and mother Winifred Danton taken in 1934 at St Johns Church. They lived at 4/42 Beech Street.


Her sister Doris is the bridesmaid on the right.


My mother died in 2003 age 91.


Christine Robertson nee Drew




The wedding of Ted and Maureen Rudge

18th March, 1961

St. Paul's Church, St. Paul's Square

Lydia Comley, Ted and Maureen Rudge, Annie Wallis

Bridesmaids - Betty Lyttleton, Denise and Janet Richards,

Wendy Jenkins, Angela Richards




The wedding of Dave and Val Paddock

These were taken at my wedding reception in September 1963, which was held in St Barnabas School Hall, Ryland Street 

Dave's grandparents, Herbert

and Mal Pierpoint


The wedding of Doreen Hawkins

This is a photo of my cousin Doreen Hawkins wedding in1956. She married Eddie Wheeler at St. Johns. Three of the bridesmaids were sisters of Doreen.


Front left was Joyce, behind her Gwyneth. Further along on the left, sister Sylvia. I am young bridesmaid in front on right. Behind me are Rose and Walter Hawkins, Doreen’s parents. Far right dressed in black is my Gran, Alice Edgington. The Hawkins lived in Gt. Tindal Street.


Best Wishes

Margaret Dickinson (Edgington)



The wedding of Elsie Burton and Jack Reynolds


The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs

Miss Hobbs, Miss Hill and Miss McKenzie all teachers at Osler Street School, photograph taken in Paris, 1954.


Photograph courtesy of Maureen Rudge

Mr & Mrs Hobbs - August 1955

I think Mrs. Hobbs was a teacher at one of the Ladywood schools



The wedding of Harold Elliot and Evelyn Doris Spratt



The wedding of Pat Shakespeare and Ken Rodgers



The wedding of Edward Shakespeare and Lily Florence Larvin

St Marks Church, Birmingham.  24th March 1945


Standing rear row: (left to right) - Irene Shakespeare (Dad’s Sister), Lilly Shakespeare (Dad’s Mother) Albert Edward Griffin (Best man and witness), Edward Dennis Shakespeare (Dad), Lilly Florence Larvin (Mom), John (Jack) Edward Larvin (Mom’s Father), Rosina Gladys Shakespeare (Dad’s Sister), Lilly Eliza Larvin (Mom’s Mother)


Seated (left to right) - Vera Copson (Mom’s Cousin), Patricia Shakespeare (Dad’s Sister)



The wedding of Albert Moulsdale and Monica Richardson


18th March 1967 at St. John's Church

Groom Albert Moulsdale and Bride Monica Richardson



Taken in Darnley Road looking down to the houses in Alston Street in the background, still quite a few standing then

From left to right, Albert and Pru Moulsdale, Angela and Elaine Moulsdale, Philip Hollis (best man) Groom, Bride, June, Veronica and Patricia Richardson and Margaret and Robert Richardson.



The wedding of Emma Wallis and Thomas Richards

Brides parents - Annie and Thomas Wallis

Bridesmaid - Doris (Dolly) Wallis

Best man - Gordon Harker

Wallis family lived at 1/54 Garbett Street



The wedding of Leslie and Joan Holland

Left to right - Kathy Taylor, Dolly Greensall, Beatrice Holland, Groom and Bride, Margie Whitney, Kitty Taylor

Back row - Tommy Whitney, Walter Holland

Front row - Maureen and Stanley Greensall

Groom and parents lived at 3/44 Shakespeare Road

Bride came from Great Yarmouth


The wedding of Douglas Husselbury and Edna Lediard

Douglas Husselbury and Edna Husselbury re Lediard


The wedding of Charles Read and Lily Lediard

Left back row - Mr Read Snr, Edna Lediard, Len Lediard, Groom Charles Read, Bride Lily Lediard, Mr Lediard Snr, Elsie Lediard,

Bill Shelly.  Sitting down on right Alice Lediard,  Left hand chair Mrs Read snr.  


The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Stokes

Groom Ken Stokes, Bride Jean Stokes, small bridesmaid Linda Strawford


The wedding of Barbara Hollingsworth

Here is a photo of all my brothers and sisters, taken at my sister Barbara’s wedding, the reception was held at the St. Georges Institute, Waterworks Road.


The year would be about 1956 and the names are left to right in order of eldest first, Joyce, Tom, Barbara, Frank, Victor, Veronica, Pauline, Me and Colin


Keep up the good work, David Hollingsworth


George Richmond and Edith Hicks

The wedding took place somewhere in Ladywood, reception possibly Great Tindal Street.


Thomas Hicks my father was 17 years old.


In 1924, the groom, George Richmond of the Australian Army sponsored the Hicks family into Australia with the exception of my father, who remained here to marry my mom Kath (who's wedding is shown on the Ladywood web site)


James and Edith Annie were my grand Parents, the rest were my Dad’s Siblings.


Alan  Hicks



Abe and Betty Griffin

The bride is Beattie Griffin, with her groom Abe (we're not sure of his surname)

Next to Beattie stands her mother Annie

On the far right of the picture is her father Thomas Griffin



Ivan and Elsie Barnsley


10th September 1949

St. John's Church



Eric Drew and Pat Read

Pat Read and Eric Drew, 11th March 1961 at St Johns Church, Ladywood with Reverend Norman Power








John Seager and Lynda Norgrove

The wedding took place at St. Johns Church on Monument Road, Ladywood.

3rd January, early 60s





I can solve the mystery of the final family group wedding photograph on the Weddings section of your website.  I am the daughter of the bride and groom, and my cousin Alan Hicks told me it was on the website.


The groom is Arthur Howard Spencer [known as Howard] from the corner of Gt. Tindal Street and St Mary's Street.


The bride is Frances Agnes Bailey [known as Agnes] of Icknield Port Road  - opposite the Crown cinema.


They both worked at Thomas Saunders in St. Mary's Street.


By coincidence the groom is the brother of Mildred Kathleen Spencer [Kath], and brother-in-law of William Hicks who are the couple in your first photograph.


They were married at St John's Church and the photograph was taken 'up the yard' behind the groom's family home.


The lady third from the left in the photograph is Mildred Kathleen Hicks [known as Kath], and the little girl sat on the pouffe is in fact Beryl Hicks, daughter of Kath and Bill, and now wife of Ken Strangward.    The remainder of the guests are family of the bride and groom.


Sadly my parents are now deceased but lived to the grand ages of 88 and 83.  The only surviving family from this photograph is Beryl, Brian Miles the curly headed lad sat on the floor next to her, and the child in the arms of the lady on the back row who is Tony Gillman now in Tasmania.


Hope the above information will be of interest.  Thank you for publishing the photograph.




Thomas William Charles Hicks and Mildred Katherine Spencer

This is a photograph of my parents wedding at St Johns Church, Ladywood.

My Father was Thomas William Charles Hicks known as "Bill"

Mom was Mildred Kathleen Hicks nee Spencer known as "Kath".

Alan Hicks



Mr. and Mrs. Grigg


This wedding took place in Ladywood, but do you know them?



Ronald Bode and Eileen Curley

24th March 1956



Married at the Oratory Church on Hagley Road, we held our reception at St. Margaret's Church Hall on the corner of Alston Street and Ledsam Street.


I had 5 bridesmaids, my sisters Sheila and Jackie,  and Averil Wilmer, (a daughter of family friends & friends) a friend from work Patsy Mann, and Carol Evens, who was the grooms niece.


I made mine and the bridesmaids dresses.


For the reception my mother ordered all the cooked meats from Stoddard's in Ledsam Street.  She paid so much every week till the week before the big day.


My sisters helped to prepare the food up to late on the Friday evening, I borrowed all the crockery and glasses from W. H. Rhodes on Broad Street as I was working there at the time.









My mom and dad (Con & Mary Curley) held their silver wedding

at the same time. They were married on the 29th March 1931.




Eileen Bode








William Hinks and Joan Price

March 1953

St. Margaret's Church

Front row from the left - Val Price, Shirley Price, Robert Price,  Margaret  Hinks (Bridesmaid),

Middle row - Mr. and Mrs. Hinks, Billy Hinks (Groom) and Joan Price (Bride), ????, Jean Price, May Price (Bride's mother with the hat on), John Price, Beryl Price

Behind May Price is Raymond Price holding Barry Price, next to him on the left is George Price (Bride's Dad).

Back row far left - George Price Jnr., next to him is Tommy Hinks (Groom's brother),

Both the families were from Ladywood, the Price a family from Grosvenor Street West and the Hinks from around the Ledsam Street area.

Many thanks for sending this lovely photograph in 



Arthur Richard Tranter and Doris Wilkes

This is my mom and dad, a photo for the new section on your site.


Doris Wilkes, born Emily Place, Osler Street

''Dick'' Tranter, born Tree Place, Osler Street


They both lived there until their marriage, 6th June 1942, St Johns Church, Monument Road.


After their marriage they lived in Springfield Street where my brother Ken and I were born.


Dad was christened Arthur Richard Tranter, but was only ever known as ''Dick'', his best mate was your old friend Albert Hunt


Keith Tranter.




William Leaver and Dorothy Compton

The wedding of William (Bill) Leaver and Dorothy Compton which took place at St. Barnabas' Church.


Left to right - Albert Joseph, ???,  ???,   ???,  Bill Leaver and Dorothy Leaver, George Compton, Grace Jones, Fred Jones, Floss Elliman (nee Compton)


Front row - ???,  ???, Freda Joseph nee Compton, Edith Compton, Sheila Elliman





Mr. and Mrs. Roddis



Albert Joseph and Freda Compton

9th February 1947


The wedding of Albert Joseph and Freda Compton, which took place at St. Barnabas' Church.


Left to right - Fred Jones, David Jones,  Evan Joseph (twin brother), Gwen Jones,  Albert Joseph and Freda Joseph, George Compton, Grace Jones, Bill Leaver, Floss Elliman


Front row - ???,  Megan Joseph,  Ada Joseph, Dorothy Leaver (nee Compton), Edith Compton



Beech Street Wedding - William Drew and Winifred Danton

This photo is of my father William Drew and mother Winifred Danton taken in 1934 at St Johns Church. They lived at 4/42 Beech Street.


Her sister Doris is the bridesmaid on the right.


My mother died in 2003 age 91.


Christine Robertson nee Drew